Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Autumn Rag

Our Autumn Rag pattern has been available for some time as a printed pattern, but as I was getting lots of requests for a downloadable version on Craftsy, a couple weeks ago I FINALLY added it! This quilt is quick and easy and SO cuddly. If you haven't tried rag quilting, this just might be the project for you! If you prefer a printed pattern, it is available on our website too.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cabin Window

Our Cabin Window pattern is now available on both our website - www.uppercanadaquiltworks.com or on Craftsy as a pattern download. It was featured in the Northcott ad in Fons and Porter magazine and is a fast and easy quilt to make as a gift!

 Cabin Window pattern

Just look at these yummy fabrics in the Stonehenge Wilderness line!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Konfetti and Tutti thread on QUILTsocial

This weekend I spent most of my time madly sewing a sample of our new pattern "Coral Beach" so that it could be photographed and shipped to Houston for Quilt Market! Although I am sad that I'm not going with it, Nellie and I are super happy that it will be shown in Northcott's booth. It was nice to sit and sew for an extended length of time as I feel like I haven't done any quilting all summer! 

Coral Beach pattern - available soon!!

Speaking of quilting, this week I am the guest blogger on QUILTsocial and I'm talking about Konfetti and Tutti thread from WonderFil. If you haven't yet checked out QUILTsocial, please do! Every week there is a different blogger discussing a new aspect of quilting. 

You won't regret signing up for the newsletter or entering into one of their weekly prize draws.

Konfetti and Tutti threads from WonderFil

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Check out QUILTSocial!!

My friends at A Needle Pulling Thread magazine have a brand new venture that officially launched on June 1st. It is called QUILTSocial and is THE place to get lots of free quilting patterns, tips and info. Here is what Carla has to say about QUILTSocial:

"Welcome to QUILTsocial!
YES, it’s an AWESOME quilting blog, but wait!…it’s also a weekly bulletin, a monthly newsletter, and a quarterly e-magazine focused on the love and art of making quilts. Best of all, it’s ALL FREE from the publishers of A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine.
QUILTsocial was created for all quilters, beginners and experts alike, to empower them with the skills, techniques, and creativity required to make quilts that will be cherished forever. Our goal is also to keep viewers abreast of new quilting products, and how to use them effectively to make quilting easier and enjoyable.
QUILTsocial will feature a variety of knowledgeable and impassioned guest bloggers and contributors, each bringing their own unique perspective.
We hope you’ll LOVE QUILTsocial as a place of reference, learning, and most of all inspiration, and that in doing so you’ll share the material with like-minded friends.
SIGN UP for the QUILTsocial newsletter NOW to get the hottest tips, techniques, and patterns emailed to you. For a limited time, you’ll also receive Elaine’s Tech Tips, a FREE e-book by Elaine Theriault containing essential quilting tips and techniques to use on all your quilting projects.
Most cheerfully,
Carla A. Canonico
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Elaine Theriault is the first featured blogger, but I will be having a turn later on this month!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

My newest quilt - it's no longer a "Mystery"!!

So, here is my finished quilt top. It is SO big that I had to enlist the help of my two sons to hold it up while standing on our stairs in order for me to be able to photograph it.

Now I just need to get a nice flannel backing fabric for it, so that I can load it onto my Gammill!! It was fun sewing it and figuring it out as I went along, just don't ask me to write a pattern for it :o)