Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Making a quilt as you go (flip and sew) striped tote bag

52 Week UFO Challenge - Project #39

After finishing my Flying Geese quilt for QUILTsocial I had a whole pile of leftover striped fabric (that I had trimmed away from the flying geese). There was NO WAY that I was going to throw them out, so I had to find a project to use them in.

The quilt-as-you-go method can be used for all types of projects, but I like to use it most for small items such as table runners, place mats and tote bags.
For this bag we aren't going to have any batting, so it's technically not a "quilt", but the same technique and steps are used.

I'm using a medium weight interfacing to "quilt" on. This will give the bag some stability, but won't make it really heavy.

The first step is to draw a straight line across the interfacing. I like to do this line on an angle so that it's not as noticeable if some of my strips down go down perfectly straight. Next you lay down one strip of fabric right side up along this line and you keep adding strips until you have covered the entire piece. In my picture I have already sewn a few strips to the interfacing but you can see that they are on an angle and the seams are nice and straight.

The next step is to place your next strip on top RIGHT SIDE DOWN and pin in place with one raw edge lined up along the edge of the strip underneath.

 You sew your seam through all three layers and then FLIP your strip over and press.

You then add your next strip and pin, sew, flip and press. 

I alternated one striped strip and then one plain blue strip.

I had one flying gees strip left so I used it for the front of the bag.

The next step was to trim the two sections so that they were the same size.

I used some of my Northcott fabrics to make a lining for the bag and some of the leftover black polka dot fabric to make handles.

Here it is - the finished bag!

Well, that was a great use for my little striped strips of fabric!! This is all I had left from my pile:

The quilt as you go (flip and sew) method is super easy for making quilted items. Try it out with some of your leftover strips of fabric. I'm happy to say that another UFO is complete. I've got this little bag for sale in my Etsy shop - check it out at fairfieldroaddesigns.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

October block of the month now available on Craftsy

New Beginnings Block of the Month - October

I can't believe that October is here already! But that means that our newest block for the New Beginnings BOM is now available on Craftsy!!

For my version of our block I'm using some of the new fabrics that I bought last week!!

My little cardboard markers are still coming in very handy for keeping track of parts of the block and the fabrics used.

 Here are my little half square triangle sections for the block.

Here is my finished block.

All of the New Beginning blocks are available on Craftsy for immediate download. As you finish the blocks, please share a photo on Craftsy for a chance to win our grand prize - a quilt kit featuring Northcott fabrics!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A surefire way to get quilting inspiration

Sometimes a girl just needs to buy some fabric!!

So I've been working on my version of our New Beginnings Block of the Month quilt all year, using a beautiful selection of batiks in white/cream, navy, turquoise/teal and orange/fucshia but this month I was having a little trouble getting inspired to make my block!!

I happened to be at Taylor Sewing Centre to drop off some quilt samples for the classes that I'm going to be teaching so I decided to see what new batiks had arrives.

I came home with a nice little selection that tied in beautifully with my other fabrics:

When I got home and added them to the fabrics that I've already been working with, I immediately wanted to get working on my October block!!

Nothing like some new fabric to get a girl inspired!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stitching a cute little sunflower pincushion

52 Week UFO Challenge - Project #38

Sometimes the simplest things are the ones that never get done and this UFO project certainly falls into this category!! 

After finishing my "Woolen Sunflowers" table runner YEARS ago, I had one extra sunflower than I spray basted to a circle of black wool, intending to make it into a pincushion.

The little project lived in the bottom of my hand stitching project bag forever, but I have finally finished it! And it only took about 1 hour of hand stitching and some batting.

I think it's pretty cute! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New block of the month pattern NOW available!!

Tweets & Twinkles BOM

Wow!! After months of work Nellie and I have FINALLY released our new Tweets & Twinkles block of the month program! It is available in stores and as of today on CRAFTSY!!!

Here it is:

The fun thing about our quilt is that you don't HAVE to start with block number one. Actually The Quilted Cardinal is starting with this block first - I wonder why :)

The Crow & Pumpkin block is also a great one to start with at this time of year!!

This quilt was so much fun to design and make!! We hope you enjoy it too!!