Monday, August 3, 2009

New Northcott Fabric

Over the summer, since our families are so busy, Nellie and I rarely get to see each other, but a couple weeks ago we had to get together so that we could check out Northcott's new line of flannel fabrics called "Winter Sports" by Laurie Godin. Patti Carey at Nortcott ( sent us shade cards and digital images of this great new line and we designed a quilt in EQ6 that we will be publishing as a pattern. We have never worked on a new design like this before - we have always had the fabric in hand first BEFORE starting the design. Patti says that the fabrics will be out mid-September - I can't wait to get the "real" fabric and make the "real" quilt. There are a total of twelve fabrics in the line - here are the fabrics that we chose to use in our pattern:

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