Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sherwood Park Manor's Butterfly Quilt

As part of my responsibilities at work, I am the consultant pharmacist for two of the nursing homes that we service. At Sherwood Park Manor, I sit on the Palliative Care committee. A couple months ago, the committee members asked if I would be able to design a quilt for them. They wanted a quilt to place over the bodies of residents who have passed away when they are being wheeled out of the home by the funeral home staff. Since the symbol of the committee is the butterfly, I designed a quilt using several different butterfly blocks from EQ6. I made up 20 kits and miraculously found people to applique 19 of them!! The blocks have finally all been returned and I am now in the process of piecing the quilt top. We hope to have it all done by Valentine's Day!

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me said...

That's really nice- and nice of you, Christine! Looking forward to seeing it when it is finished!