Monday, February 28, 2011

Top secret quilt

One of the ladies in our quilt guild asked me to quilt her cross-stitched sampler quilt for her. She is planning to "unveil" it at our guild quilt show next year, so she asked me not to show anyone the quilt. But I am quite proud of the quilting I did for her, so here is the back of the quilt.

The front is mainly done in browns, but the backing she gave me was a teal blue. Not wanting any blue pokies to show through on the front, I decided to use brown in the bobbin - and I'm glad that I did because it REALLY shows off the quilting! Can't wait for everyone to see this quilt - it is AMAZING!! She must have spent thousands of hours doing the cross-stitched pieces.

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me said...

You did a beautiful job, Christine!