Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Wow- I can't believe that it is January again!!

Looking back to last January's posts I found my list of new year's resolutions: 1. Spend one day each month clean-sweeping a different room of my house.2. Spend time creating just for "fun".3. Read all of the "Quilting Arts" magazines that I bought from my friend Colleen (at our huge quilting garage sale) and try out some of the different techniques in them.4. Write a new book with Nellie.5. Take a yoga class.6. Keep up with this blog.7. Use my new AccuCut machine.8. Use my felting machine more often.

So, I didn't exactly do ALL of them (but who EVER does). I did clean sweep a few AREAS of my house, Nellie and I did do some fabric painting and wool dyeing, I "kinda" kept up with my blog and I DEFINITELY used my AccuQuilt machine, so I think I did OK.

I also took a FOUR month online pharmacy class, designed four new quilt patterns for Fairfield Road Designs that will be published this month (hopefully), Nellie and I designed quilt a few new patterns for Northcott, I started a Facebook page for Fairfield Road Designs and a profile on Craftsy AND I have patterns coming out in a bunch of magazines over the next few months so I think 2011 turned out pretty good!!!

This morning's view out of my front door.

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