Sunday, April 6, 2008

Now, back to work!!

We've been home from Florida for 10 days now, and there was work to do from the very first day bakc. While I was away, Nellie designed a new quilt for Camelot Cottons using their new African themed fabric. When I got home, she had the top and backing all ready to go, so that I could quilt it on my Grand Quilter. They also sent us their new "Dreamsicle" flannel fabrics to work with, so I got to work making the top for that quilt. I'm just waiting to get some backing fabric then I can quilt and bind that one. We also have to write up those patterns, AND send a project to Carla from A Needle Pulling Thread magazine for their Fall issue. Luckily that little wall hanging is already made - I just have to write the pattern. And, oh yeah, we have to get ready for Spring International Quilt Market in Portland ( we leave in 37 days - OMG!!). Good thing I had a restful vacation - I've got work to do!!

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