Thursday, April 10, 2008

Seasonal Selections #1 - Winter

Today, I have finally finished writing/editing/printing the first punchneedle pattern in my new series "Seasonal Selections". Winter is finally finished (in real life too - YEAH!!) !! Last summer I designed a puncheedle embroidery for each month of the year. But I couldn't decide what to do with them! I came up with the ideaa of a "Punch-of-the-Month" pattern, but the name was already taken. So I decided to do my patterns by season. As you can see, Winter, the first pattern to be released, includes a design for December, January and February. Spring will have March, April and May and so on. Although they are not yet up on my website, they will be soon!


Janet Rice-Bredin said...

What a beautiful pattern Christine. I love your designs!

Christine Baker said...

Thanks Janet!! I'm so happy to have that one finished. Now I'm working on the other 3 seasons - they should be done in a couple days.