Thursday, February 18, 2016

52 Week UFO Challenge Project #9 - Celebrate Canada placemats

Using Northcott's Oh Canada fabric to make super easy placemats

In our book "Celebrate Canada", Nellie and I use the flag panels to make super easy placemats.

I had eight placemats to quilt and tons of the black backing fabric, so I loaded the backing fabric on my Gammill and then laid all of the placemats on so I could quilt them one after another.

Placemats lined up and ready to be quilted

 I used my 505 Spray to stick them to the batting, so that I didn't have to baste around each of them.

The placemats stuck down with 505 Spray

I did a simple meander design all over all of the placemats and then took them off the Gammill and trimmed them.

 Eight placemats take a LOT of binding and there was no way that I was going to hand stitch all of them. I sewed the binding to the front of each placemat and then flipped it around to the back and pinned it in place.

The pinned binding
I then topstitched from the front so that I caught the binding on the back. On the first placemat I forgot to change my bobbin thread - but it makes it easier for you to see the stitching. After that one I changed the bobbin to black and the stitches are almost invisible!

The back of the placemat showing the stitching of the binding

Our book is available on our website and on Craftsy as an immediate download

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