Wednesday, February 10, 2016

FREE Bonus Block - New Beginnings Block of the Month

Happy Valentine's Day

FREE Bonus Block
Our Valentine's gift to you is the next block in our Block of the Month program! Click here to download the pattern from Craftsy!

For this block I chose the following fabrics:

My little cardboard markers work awesome for keeping track of the cut pieces when I take them to the sewing machine.

The trick for sewing the triangles onto the centre squares is to have the points of the triangles hang over an equal amount on each side of the square.

When sewing the triangles onto the sqaures, the trick here is to line up the straight edges of the triangle and the square and let the point of the triangle hang over on the other side of the square.

Here are all of my pieces, all ready to assemble into my block.

My finished block is awesome! Download your pattern from Craftsy and join us on our Block of the Month sew-along!!

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