Friday, January 25, 2008

My Valdani 3-strand Embroidery Floss

Yeah!!! My package from Valdani has finally arrived. I was so happy last week to find out that they have a designers program for people who publish patterns using their products, that I placed an order right away to get the complete set of colours in the embroidery floss. Their balls of 3 strand embroidery floss are AMAZING for doing punchneedle, and I have done a few designs using them which I have yet to publish. Now I have even more ideas for new designs! But their are two problems - how to store these little balls so they are organized and don't get all tangled up AND how to keep my cat away from them. Allie, our cat has already taken off with at least two of the balls (which I have found in weird places) so she has officially lost her pass into my sewing room. To solve the other problem I bought a tackle box!! It works great - and the best part is that there is room to spare!

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