Friday, January 11, 2008

Spending time with my Fibre Friends

Since January first, we have had a huge snowstorm, above average temperatures, a windstorm (that snapped my little pear tree in half and stripped off many of our shingles), power outages, a small flood in our basement and today, freezing rain that cancelled the school buses! So it was very nice to be able to take my two boys, Aidan who is 9 and Carson who is 6, to their Nana's house for the day so that I could spend the morning at our local quilt shop and the afternoon with my Fibre Friends Quilt group. Today our group met at Cheryl Swanson's house where we had a lovely lunch and did our Christmas quilt fabric exchange. We have been doing this exchange for 5 years, and every year I have received a beautiful quilt made by one of my friends using fabrics that I picked out. I am already inspired by the fabrics that I received today in that little paper bag - I can't wait to start - I only have 11 months to figure it out! I have posted some pictures of the quilts I have made over the past 5 years.


Unknown said...

As usual beautiful fabrics turned into beautiful quilts!!! I'm so close to being done I can't wait for "Exchange 09" so I can get back into it!! I miss everyone!

Christine Baker said...

And we miss you too!!! I hear that you are going on th retreat, so that should be fun! I'm not going this time because we are going to Florida a couple weeks later and then Nellie and I are going to Portland for Quilt Market. I have to go to my real job and spend time with my family every once-in-a-while too.