Saturday, September 20, 2008

Aidan is TEN!!!

Well, the day has finally arrived. My son is ten - and as my friend said "face it you are now OLD!!" How did that happen? Where did those 10 years go? At one minute it feels like just yesterday when we brought him home to meet Casey (our dog), and the next minute it feels like forever ago. Now I'm worried that the next 10 years will fly by in a flash as well and before I know it he'll be 20. (Wow - then I'll be really old).

Anyway, his birthday was yesterday, and for his party we had 6 boys over (to make a total of 8 boys ranging from 7 to 10) for Chinese food/cheese pizza and a movie. Boy, can 8 boys eat!! I thought we would have tons of leftovers but they ate almost everything. Afterwards we had ice cream cake and fireworks (left over from Canada Day).

All of his friends know him well - he got Lego from almost all of them! Just what we needed - more Lego.

Here they are launching air rockets on the backyard - I had to man the upper deck as the rockets kept getting stuck up there.

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