Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cross Country

Aidan has been on the school's cross country team for the last three years, and I don't know who he inherited it from, but he LOVES it. He definitely has a runners body - at a whopping 65 pounds he is almost up to my chin so he is basically all arms and legs. Last week we made the trip to Kemptville for the first meet. Aidan placed 133 out of 150, but he had fun and that's all that matters. This Monday we headed to their second meet (At the Iroquois Locks in the drizzling rain). This time Aidan placed 131 out of 190 runners!
Aidan and his best friend, Cole.

Cole's brother, Silas, and their mom. Beth. Silas' green mohawk was all about school spirit and great to pick him out of the group of 180 runners!

Stretching with the team and coach, Mr Crawford.

Coming into the finish line - "Go Aidan!"

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me said...

Good morning!

It's so great that Aidan likes Cross Country! My kids did too, and the meets were fun to go to.

MY Ben is going to Algonquin in Ottawa, and RICH'S Ben is living in Fort Collins... yes, we have two Bens. lol

Holly and Ben are coming here for Canadian Thanksgiving and we are all very excited to see them. They are doing well by all accounts, but we want to see for ourselves!

Glad to know that the class went well. I am currently cutting out a simple baby quilt for the neighbor across the road. The dad is a firefighter and I managed to find ONE fat quarter with fire trucks on it... then I found some American-type fabric with the ribbons on it. To pull it all together, I bought some red, white, and blue- and I should be all set! I will back it with light blue flannel to make it soft.

If I remember, I will take a photo when I am finished. I have so many projects to finish! But other than my design wall, I have my studio set up the way I want it now, so it will be easier to get stuff done.

I can't wait to see the photos of the store, Dyane is so great and enthusiastic!

Say hi to everyone for me and you have a great week too!