Monday, January 18, 2016

52 Week UFO Challenge - Project #3b Quilt-as-you-go tablerunner

Using up the Wilderness Lodge leftovers

After trimming up the Wilderness Lodge animal squares I was left with all of these triangular pieces and OF COURSE I couldn't just throw them away!

I've decided to use these triangular pieces to make a table runner and instead of piecing them together, I'm going to use the "sew and flip" method of quilt-as-you-go.

First step is to cut the background and batting and use my 505 Spray to baste them together. Next, I drew out a grid so that my pieces will stay straight as I keep adding them on.

The first piece is placed wrong side down, lined up on the batting and then pinned.

The next piece is placed on top of the first piece right side down and pinned in place. then I stitched along the edge through all four layers.

The first two pieces are sewn to the batting and backing.

The top piece is then flipped so that right side is up and pressed. I then decided to add skinny strips of black fabric in between the pairs of triangles. Then I kept adding the pairs of triangles and black skinny strips until I used up all of the triangles.

Next, I used a sharpie marker to draw a straight line along both long sides of the table runner and then placed one of my inner border strips along this line right side down and pinned.

One of the inner border strips pinned in place.
 After both long inner border strips were sewn down, I flipped them right side up and pressed, then added the short inner border strips to the remaining two sides. I added the outer borders in the same manner. Once the borders were on, the table runner was all quilted and ready to binding. Here is it - all finished!!

The finished table runner.

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