Saturday, May 14, 2016

Another sample from our book "Celebrate Canada"

Nellie and I have been working hard to get all of the samples from our quilt finished so that they can travel to Quilt Canada in June!! Karen from "Quilt Thyme" quilt shop in Kingston, Ontario will be displaying them in her booth in the merchants mall AND for a couple of the days Nellie and I will be in her booth signing copies of our book "Celebrate Canada"

So Nellie's "Coast to Coast" quilt was the next one to be quilted and after doing all of those maple leaves on my quilt, I was feeling quite confident that I could do some on hers as well. I got it loaded onto the frame and then got to work.

For the first few maple leaves that I quilted I used my laser pointer and followed a design on paper. I added some swirls and loops in between the leaves and after awhile I didn't need to follow the paper design at all!!

For the center of the quilt I thought it would be fun to do a spiral design over all of the blocks. It turned out quite nice!

In the two inner borders I did my favourite loop-de-loop design and the side-to-side swirl.

Here it is - all quilted and ready for binding!! We just LOVE these Oh Canada fabrics from Northcott!! 

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Tammy in Ontario, Canada said...

Love it. Still willing to do one if these samples up for you if you need it.