Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thousand Islands Quilter's Guild

Tonight, Nellie and I were the guest speakers at our local quilt guild's monthly meeting. We did a presentation about how we made our quilting hobbies into our businesses. Although we often speak for guilds, it's more stressful (I think) when it is for a roomful of people you know! When you speak in front of other guilds, you worry about making a good impression, but most of the time, you'll never meet those people again. When it's your own guild you worry about boring them to death, because you think they have seen all of your quilts AND already heard all of your stories BUT tonight our guild was great!! Everyone seemed interested and afterwards lots of people came up to tell us how we did a great job. We spoke about starting our individual businesses, writing and self publishing our books, starting our joint business, designing for magazines, Northcott Fabrics, and Camelot Fabrics, our trips to International Quilt Market and Nellie's job at AQS. Afterwards we played a game of "Let's Make a Deal" where we picked people out of the audience to get prizes of books & patterns and a few "booby" prizes such as a can of sardines, a can of beans and a set of chopsticks. It was a lot of fun! Thanks TIQG!!!


Judy MacDonald said...
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Judy MacDonald said...

It really was a great presentation Christine. You and Nellie sound like you are really enjoying your work. I too, aspire to be a "Booth Slave" one day.