Sunday, August 6, 2017

A simple yet amazing tool

Every once in awhile, my Gammill does this weird thing and leaves random loops of top thread on the back of a quilt. 

Up until now, I've struggled with how to fix the back of the quilt. I recently discovered the Snag Magic tool and it works so well to fix these loops! Basically it's a heavy needle with a flexible loop on the end. 

 You insert the needle at the base of the thread loop and catch it in the loop of the needle...

 You insert the needle at the base of the thread loop and catch it in the loop of the needle, then pull to put the fabric loop into the batting. So easy!!! 

This tool is so much easier to use than what I was using - a punchneedle threader. I'm so glad that Doug at Snag Magic asked me to give the tool a try!

Check out their website at

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Surface Design with Shiva Paintstiks

Quiltworks Studio is now OPEN and we've already had our first workshop!!

Our first set of students spent a Saturday morning working on the first block of our Tweets & Twinkles Block of the Month and everyone seemed to have a great time!!

Our next workshop is this Saturday and I'm super excited because we are going to be designing our own fabrics usually Shiva Paintstiks!!

We are going to use lots of different techniques such as stenciling and rubbings.

If you can't join us on Saturday, but are curious about paintstiks, there are lots of instructional videos online that show you how to use these amazing products!

I'm hoping that we'll be able do a series of different workshops that focus on different products for surface design such as paintstiks, Inktense pencils and Tsukineko inks! Hope you'll be able to join us!

Follow our Quiltworks Facebook Group to get the most up-to-date info about our workshops and other events!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Quiltworks Studio - Opening SOON!!

Nellie and I are expanding Upper Canada Quiltworks Publishing to include a new studio space for workshops!! We have set up a classroom in her home and our open house is THIS SUNDAY!!!

Not just for quilters, our new studio space will be used to encourage creativity with paper, fabric, paint, journaling and much, much more!!
Here is the first list of workshops that will be available:

  • January 28th - block of the Month #1
  • February 11th - surface design with Shiva Paintstiks
  • February 14th - stitcheries
  • February 25th - block of the month #2
  • February 28th - altered board books
  • March 4th - art journaling
  • March 7th - wool appliqué
  • March 25th - block of the month #3
  • April 22nd - block of the month #4
  • May 13th - block of the month #5

We are also open to suggestions for workshops and are willing to host groups of friends who would like to learn something new OR just have some creative time as a group.

Join our Facebook page for updates and news and we hope to see you at our open house on Sunday!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Beginnings Block of the Month quilt patterns are NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Wow - where did 2016 go??? We had a blast making our New Beginnings Block of the Month blocks all year and have just added two patterns for finishing the quilt blocks into quilts. 

The first quilt pattern set the blocks on point with simple sashing and cornerstones:

This quilt finishes at 78" x 97" and showcases the pieced blocks alternating with plain blocks perfect for showcasing machine quilting motifs.Click HERE to go to our Craftsy page with the Quilt #1 pattern.

If you are looking for a more complex pattern, then check out Quilt #2:

This amazing 66" x 82" quilt, sets the 12" blocks in a straight setting but adds pieced sashing strips resulting in a secondary star pattern. The scrappy border finishes the quilt off perfectly and ties together all of the different block designs. Click HERE to go to our Craftsy page with the Quilt #2 pattern.

Check out our Upper Canada Quiltworks Craftsy Store to see all of the individual block patterns!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

5 Great ideas for New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!!

This year I've decided to make some DIFFERENT New Year's resolutions. More of a to-do list than a list of resolutions. Of course I'm going to try to eat better and exercise more but I'm also going to focus on some other types of self improvements. Here is my list of 5 great ideas for New Year's resolutions.

1. Take a class. 

I love using my digital SLR camera but I have to admit that I REALLY don't know how to use it past shooting in auto mode. I got a tripod for Christmas, so I've signed myself up for a Craftsy photography course. I signed up for Product Photography at Home but there are TONS of other courses in a variety of subjects. Find one that you will love to take!

2. Drink more tea. 

Ok - I'll admit it, I love coffee and I have one every morning. But tea has so many health benefits that I want to try to drink it more often. I also have a wonderful selection of Davids Tea - and got a great gift pack for Christmas!!

3. Spend more time hand stitching and less time on my iPad. 

I, like many other people, LOVE my iPad and I spend a lot of time on it playing games, checking email and looking at Facebook. Most of this time is pretty unproductive, so this week I'm going to put together some hand stitching projects to work on. This way when I realize that I've been getting too much screen time I can pull one out and get stitching.

4. Read more.

This one also goes along with reducing screen time. I have a PILE of unread magazines and a shelf full of unread novels just waiting for me to put down the screen and curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good read.

Art Quilt Collage

5. Create with friends.

This one may be the best one of the year!! In February I'll be heading to Nellie's quilt retreat AND starting this month Nellie and I will be welcoming students to our new Quiltworks Studio where we will be offering workshops in Art Journalling, fabric embellishments, hand stitching, papercrafting and MORE!!! I can't wait!!