Thursday, August 6, 2009

Camping out - Baker style

We aren't very good at camping - Mike and I really don't like to rough it too much, so when we go on vacations we always stay in hotles or condos. But really, there is nothing like a good campfire, so we decided to have one on our front lawn - complete with marshmallows and smores. Luckily we have a stump that needs to be removed, so we just built the fire beside it and set up our lawn chairs.

I guess we need two more chairs if the dogs each think they should get one!

Here's Carson roasting his mashmallow to perfection (or maybe that was the one that burst into flames).

It's so hard to get both of them to pose for a "nice" photo!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Northcott Fabric

Over the summer, since our families are so busy, Nellie and I rarely get to see each other, but a couple weeks ago we had to get together so that we could check out Northcott's new line of flannel fabrics called "Winter Sports" by Laurie Godin. Patti Carey at Nortcott ( sent us shade cards and digital images of this great new line and we designed a quilt in EQ6 that we will be publishing as a pattern. We have never worked on a new design like this before - we have always had the fabric in hand first BEFORE starting the design. Patti says that the fabrics will be out mid-September - I can't wait to get the "real" fabric and make the "real" quilt. There are a total of twelve fabrics in the line - here are the fabrics that we chose to use in our pattern:

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The new lawn tractor

We have a very large lawn (3 1/2 acres) so we need to have a lawn tractor to keep it looking nice. Last summer, our tractor decided to stop working, so for Father's Day and his birthday this year Mike got a new John Deere. As a treat he decided to let the boys each take a turn mowing the lawn - they loved it!