Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lime Green and Turquoise!!!

So my boys are now 7 and 10. They share a bedroom that was decorated when they were newborn and 3, so we decided that our January project this year would be to redecorate their bedroom. Of course, they couldn't agree on a paint colour and they didn't like any of my ideas (I was thinking a nice sage green or denim blue), so I let them each pick one colour. Aidan immediately knew that he wanted green - lime green (actually the paint name is Baby Peas). Carson, like always, took a long time to make his decision. First he wanted red (I told him absolutely not) then he wanted tangerine orange, then he finally decided on "balloons" which is a dark turquoise. Once he had a paintbrush in his hand, there was no stopping him and even though I kept reminding him that we would eventually be painting the WHOLE" wall, he insisted on putting his "artwork" on first.
He wasn't very happy when I started to paint over Henry, George, Fred and the rest of the 30 odd stick people that he had painted. But once they were gone he helped with the rolling.

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