Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Baker Family's Excellent Adventure

On the 8th of March we left Canada to head to Florida for our March Break vacation. We were supposed to leave on the Saturday, but since a huge storm was due to hit that morning, we left a day early. We were booked to take the Amtrak Auto Train on the 10th, but since we arrived in Pennsylvania a day early, we decided to use that time to explore Gettysburg, a place my husband has always wanted to visit. It's a lovely little town and we would love to go back during the summer to see the re-enactors!

The next day, we headed to Lorton to catch the train. We have travelled back and forth to Florida on the Auto Train at least six times now and would highly recommend it for family's with young children who don't like to fly (like my husband) or anyone who would like to try something new. We always get the family bedroom, which sleeps four. The train leaves at 4:00pm, you get supper and breakfast in the dining car, movies in the lounge car and arrive in Florida at Sanford station the next morning around 8:30.

Carson and Aidan waiting for the workers to start loading the vehicles onto the train. Due to the number of rail cars that are used to carry the vehicles, the Auto Train is the longest passenger train in the world.

Waiting to board at the Lorton Station. The boys are holding Misty and Molly - two of their toy Manatees.

The boys LOVE the top bunk! The strapping is hooked up to the ceiling so that you don't roll out in the middle of the night.

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