Monday, May 11, 2009

OMG I'm 39!!!

Yesterday was my birthday - I've turned 39 - my first year of "39 and holding" I guess. Funny that I don't feel like I am approaching my fourties. I also don't feel like I've been married for 15 years this year, or that my "baby" just turned 8, or that we have been living in our house for 11 years, or that our dear dog Casey died a whole year ago. When you think about it, they are all just a big bunch of numbers! It's funny how one day can seem so long, and then a year can go by in a flash! But I know everyone feels that same way, what's important it what you do with each day. So I have decided to make the most of this year before I turn 40 - I went for a bike ride this morning (only 35 minutes but it felt like hours), and I wrote down everything I ate like a good Weight Watcher (well everything except the last piece of birthday cake - I REALLY shouldn't have to count that). My goal is to lose another 20 pounds before I reach 40 - wish me luck!!!

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