Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby quilt bonanza

When we made the Dancing Bugs quilt for Camelot we had many test run blocks that didn't make it into the finished quilt - they just didn't seem to work for us. So when Nellie gave me the bag of left over fabric and blocks, I just HAD to do something with them! Mike has two cousins who are expecting babies and one of the other pharmacist`s at work is pregnant, so I went on a baby-quilt-making spree and churned out FIVE of them! Here is number one - it was given to Mike`s cousin Pat and his partner Marci at her baby shower yesterday. Their baby boy is due this month. The rest of the quilts are quilted, but are awaiting their bindings.

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me said...

I love that! I bet the recipient did too- great job!