Monday, October 21, 2013

Machine quilting - free motion overall designs

Here is my newest favourite quilting design - I think it is probably called a Paisley, but maybe you've seen it by a different name. I love using it on modern quilts like the black and white quilt in the first picture!
The nice thing about this one is that you can modify the size/shape/direction of the paisley to fit into odd shaped areas and you can make it more complex by adding a second tear drop shape to the centre and some loops and swirls (like in the second photo) if you are quilting something that is a bit more traditional.

It is so hard not to get into a quilting rut where you use the same design over and over again, that's why I think the next Craftsy class I take will be Free Motion Fillers, Vol. 2 with Leah Day - I don't know how she comes up with so many new designs but she seams to be a bottomless supply of quilting inspiration!!

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