Monday, September 28, 2009

Where did September go????

Every August I look forward to September, to getting back into a "normal" routine, but then September comes and I remember that it is one of the busiest, craziest months of the year!! With the kids going back to school, joining the swimming club and heading back to cubs, Mike going back to both of his jobs (supply teaching and working at the Heart and Stroke Foundation), me working extra because other pharmacists were on holidays, Aidan having dental surgery, us closing the pool and doing other outside work to get ready for the fall, the month has just flown by. Lat Thursday I FINALLY had a day off where I didn't have to go anywhere or do ANYTHING!!! So I sewed - all day!! It was great and I got lots accomplished. I quilted four wall hangings that I had appliqued over the summer and then over the weekend I sewed on the bindings. When I have finished hand sewing the bindings I will post pictures - they are really cute if I do say so myself!
Well, maybe October will be more "normal".

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