Monday, May 31, 2010

My diamond quilt

When I was at the quilt show in Ottawa last May, I bought an assortment of Japanese butterfly and dragonfly fabrics from Kallisti Quilts. I ended up having to buy more fabric for the border off of her website: - she has a great selection - check it out.

I wanted to make a quilt using all of these fabrics together and came up with this diamond design - only problem was that when i finished piecing the top it WASN'T SQUARE - by A LOT!!! So, instead of crying, I mounted it on my frame and just kept tugging at the sides as I quilted it - it really is amazing how you can "Quilt it out". It's almost perfectly squared now!

1 comment:

me said...

I can only see a small photo of it, but it looks lovely!
And I had to laugh a little at the "quilt it out"... it made me think of good times back in Brockville, learning to quilt, learning about the 401 rule (which I amend to the C470 rule around here! lol)
You do really great work!