Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saying goodbye to a friend

It's been a hard week in the Baker household. Our good friend Steve Armstrong passed away suddenly last week of an aneurysm - he would have been 45 last Friday. He and my husband Mike have been friends since grade 2 - over 37 years. I've been his friend since I met Mike - 20 years ago. He was an usher at our wedding, and gave the most hilarious toast to the bride EVER. We travelled to Cancun with him for a week's vacation a couple years after we got married, and when our area was hit with the big Ice Storm of 1998, Mike, our dog Casey and I moved in with Steve for 5 days as he had a gas furnace and therefore had heat AND hot water for showers. Steve never married, or had kids, so for the last 10 years or so we would only see him sporadically, but he could always make me laugh so hard that I would think my sides would burst. I just realized today that he is the first friend that I have ever had die. We've had lots of family members pass away and family members of friends, but he was the very first "friend" that we have lost - and I just can't believe that he is gone. Today was the visitation at the funeral home - i couldn't look at the open casket - I didn't want to remember him that way. I will remember him with these pictures and all of the funny things we all did together. Goodbye our friend - love Mike and Christine.

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