Monday, January 6, 2014

My "Mystery Quilt" #2 - The importance of pressing seams OPEN

When I got to the retreat and started to sew all of these pieces together into the kaleidoscope blocks, I quickly realized that I needed to press the seams OPEN or there was going to be WAY to much bulk at the centre point of each block. I ended up making 42 of these blocks and pressed all of the seams open. I will admit that the finished blocks do lay nice and flat BUT I also have to say that I HATE PRESSING SEAMS OPEN!! LOL
My friend Cherice presses all of her seams open all of the time - I've come to think that she may be just a little CrAzY!!! When I got to pressing the flying geese units I was a rebel and pressed all the seams toward the darker fabrics :)
 Here is my workspace in the middle of piecing.

Here is my stack of assembled blocks! I was halfway there!

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