Monday, March 3, 2008

My New Toy

For months I had been debating about whether to buy a Grand Quilter sewing machine on a Grace frame. Even though I don't make a lot of large quilts, I desperately wanted one!! I would keep going in to Taylor's Sewing Centre to try out the store model, and one night I took my 9 year old Aidan along. As he watched me trying it out, he looked at me and said "You really want it don't you?" and he was right. When my Great Aunt Catherine passed away and left me some money, with a note in her will that said I should "use it as though I were a single woman" my mind was made up! But, to my dismay, it wouldn't fit in my sewing room!

After Christmas, Mike and I decided that we would build a wall to divide our large living room into two rooms, and that the new room would be my new "studio". We did not have a family room in our house, so my old sewing room would house the mounds of Lego and Playstation games that our boys have collected. While setting up my new room, I consciously arranged things so that there might be space for my new toy - and a couple weeks ago I took the leap and bought it. I have already quilted two twin quilts! One that I made just to have something to quilt and a store model that Donna Taylor let me "practice" on. Both of them turned out great, and the machine is very easy to use - I'm very happy with it!


Janet Rice-Bredin said...

Congratulations Christine! Your aunt was quite a woman. When we moved last year, my husband suggested I take the master bedroom for my studio. There are always solutions for every problem.

Mary said...

Congrats on your new toy! I have a GQ and frame myself and I love it. Now, take your aunt's advice and use it girl!