Sunday, April 20, 2008

The New Addition To Our Family

Our English Cocker Spaniel, Casey, is almost 14 years old. He is deaf, may have cancer and last week was favouring one of his back legs. But he was our "first born" and up until the last few years always acted as though he was still a puppy. Mike and I got him just months after we got married, and until Aidan was born he was our baby. One of the girls at work knew that Casey was getting on in years and she asked if we would like to take her Jack Russel Terrier, Pugsley, as one of her other dogs was not getting along with him and she had recently started to worry that they were going to really hurt each other. Even though she loves him dearly, she knew that she had to find another home for him. Last Monday, Mike and the kids went to see him and fell in love. Tuesday night he came for a "sleepover" just to see how he would behave towards Casey and our cat, Allie. The sleepover went well, and he never went back. He is very lovable and sweet, but quite timid - and he LOVES me!! He follows me everywhere.

Allie and Casey sharing the couch.

Casey on Christmas morning.

Allie, looking like a princess.

Pugsley and Aidan.

Little Pugsley on the lookout for Allie .

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