Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Our Excellent Adventure - Part 4 - Busch Gardens

Our day at Busch Gardens in Tampa was wonderful. As soon as we got to the park, Carson insisted that we take the train ride which got us up close and personal with lots of the animals. We all loved the "Rhino Rally" ride, but we were disappointed that the sky ride was closed due to high winds - that is the best way to see the whole park. My boys are not big on rides, so no one tried out the roller coasters, but we all loved walking through the lush grounds to see the different animals. We also were lucky enough to see "Irish Thunder" which was playing at the theatre for the month of March. Lots of step dancing and Irish songs and WONDERFUL costumes - even the boys loved it.

Part way through the day Carson decided to use the rest of his spending money to get his face painted - personally I think he was the cutest animal we saw all day.

Poor Aidan - you can just see the thought running through his head "Oh mom, why do you have to be SOOOO embarrassing!!!

Help!! Aidan is being eaten by a wild hippo!

Now that Aidan is getting to be so good at taking pictures, Mike and I can actually be in some shots together - up until now it's always looked like we went on separate vacations.

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