Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our excellent Adventure - Part 5 - The Manatees

As I've mentioned before, my sons are obsessed with Manatees. We had a total of 5 stuffed animal Manatees prior to our visit to Seaworld - now we own seven (Bill, Misty, Molly, Emily, Slushie, and the twins - Dory and Ice Cream). So, it was imperative that we visit Homossassa Springs State Park before leaving Florida. So Saturday morning we headed north to Homossassa Springs. This state park is home to many different rescued animals, but the ones we were mostinterested in were the manatees. Three times a day there is an educational program about the manatees during which one of the park volunteers gives a talk, anwers questions and gets into the water to feed the 6 manatees that call the park home.
Here, the volunteer is feeding the girls their treat!

After this was done we headed to the underwater observatory to watch these graceful giants finish their lunch of sweet potatoes, carrots and romaine lettuce.
Aidan and Carson were very pleased to get a selection of souvenirs such as the "Manatee Crossing (slowly)" sign and the "Manatee Blvd" street sign. Now we are planning to redorate their bedroom!!

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