Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back in Business

Wednesday afternoon Dad installed my new fuser and the printer has been going non-stop ever since!! For Market I have 4 new Punchneedle Patterns each with 2 colour covers & six pages of instructions (I've printed 100 copies of each), "Home Sweet Home" has 1 colour cover and 4 pages of instructions (printed 120 of it), "Autumn Star" has 1 colour cover & 4 pages of instructions (120 copies) and "Country Garden Bouquet" has 1 colour cover & five pages of instructions (120 copies). PLUS Pattern Peddlers asked for 36 covers of all 7 patterns (252 colour copies). PLUS we needed to print 350 colour flyers (double sided) for our booth. So my poor printer has printed a grand total of 2112 colour copies and a whopping 4080 black & white copies!!!! No wonder it wanted to take a break! I even had to make a paper-run to Staples last night so I could print more today. But not only was my printer working hard - my Mom ended up folding most of those patterns - Thanks Mom!!!!

"Country Garden Bouquet" - finally finished!


quiltwhinny said...

Just discovered your site. Love the Log Cabin applique! Can't wait to find out where to purchase your pattern. I'll have to go back now and read more of your site. Thanks
The Quiltwhinny

Michelle said...

Beautiful Quilt...congrats on finishing your new patterns.