Friday, May 30, 2008

Touring the City (and shopping of course)

On our first full day in Portland, we took the free tram downtown and did some sightseeing and SHOPPING!!!! Our first stock was the Nordstrom Rack store, where we dropped just a little cash and bought between us lots of clothes, jewellery, pyjamas and eight pairs of boots and shoes!!! Afterwards we had lunch at the Macaroni Grill (yummy) and found some more shops.
Here is me and some otters I found hanging out in one of the fountains.
A sunset view of the Conference Center.
Mount Hood looms over Portland.


Unknown said...

Christine, one of the best parts about reading all the designers' blogs and comments is seeing our fair city through another's eyes. Oh, the things we take for granted! I'm glad you had a good time at market and shopping while you were here.
Kay (who lives in the shadow of Mt Hood)

Christine Baker said...

Hi Kay!
We LOVE your city and I tell everyone who asks that they should definately go for a visit. I've been twice now and would go back in an instant!