Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Now that I am finally over my Jet-Lag...

So we got home from Portland last Monday night - I hit the pillow at 11:45 and immediately went to sleep. My children knew that I was coming home after they fell asleep, so they were up and jumping on the bed at 5:45!!!! After giving them their presents, making breakfast, lunches, getting showered, dressed etc. and driving them to school, I headed to the pharmacy for an 8 hour shift since my "holidays" were officially over. Even though it was exhausting, Portland was great. It's always fun to bring along "Market Virgins" when we go on these trips, because you remember how much fun, exhilarating, overwhelming, amazing and awe-inspiring your first trip to Market was. Not that our subsequent trips didn't fit the bill - it's just that it's never the same as the first time. Our friends Marilee and Dyane had a great time - we all went shopping our first day there and while we were working, they also got to do some sightseeing. Here is a picture of Nellie and I in our booth - more pictures will come with future posts!

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