Friday, August 22, 2008

Donna's Quilt

Since I'm still fairly new to machine quilting on my "big" machine, I want to get all of the practice I can get. But I don't have time to make lots of quilt tops - or the need for tons of large bed quilts. So, Donna Taylor and I have worked out a system where she gives me quilt tops to "practice" on in exchange for supplies like batting, thread, and fabric etc. The first top I did was a shop sample for a new line of fabric, so I wasn't too nervous - this time she tells me that the quilt is for her sister's 25th anniversary, but since Donna likes to joke around, I'm sure if she was just teasing me or not. But regardless, I tried not to be nervous and finished quilting it for her yesterday - about 10 days after she gave it to me.

I did nested hearts in the outside border.

I tried some freeform and outline quilting in the centre panel.

I wasn't sure what to do in the tulip blocks so I tried some ribbon-type things. I really liked how they turned out and it was super easy. Now I can't wait to give it to her - and get the real story as to where it is going.

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me said...

Christine, you did a beautiful job on that quilt! Very inventive and pretty, I know Donna will be thrilled.