Friday, October 10, 2008

My box of threads has finally arrived!!

Only a quilter or fibre artist would get this excited over a box of thread!! I went online to the Valdani website to place my order of embroidery floss to make up kits for the CreativFestival when I found that they were having a SUPER GREAT sale on their large cones (3000m) of hand overdyed variegated machine quilting thread. I was never that excited about thread, but now that I have my new machine, I have become addicted to threads (to go along with all of my other fibre addictions - fabric, wool, yarn, embroidery floss - oh boy). So when I saw this great sale I decided to order one of every colour. And today the (very heavy) box arrived!!! I'll never have to buy thread again for the rest of my life. Now I just have to figure out how to store them!

All the little balls of embroidery floss for my kits - the ones in the centre are the NEW colours that I didn't have yet in my stash.

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