Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Donna's Chernobyl Quilts

Each year our little town of Brockville sends a delegation to Belarus to take donations of food, clothing, toys, medical supplies and whatever else is needed (even a fire truck one year) to the area of Chernobyl that was so horribly affected by the nuclear accident that happened there. Our Quilt Guild has been very active in helping Canadian Aid for Chernobyl by sending hundreds of quilts to be given to the children of the orphanages there. Donna Taylor made these two quilts to send with the next shipment and asked if I would like to practice by quilting them. They weren't very big, so they didn't take too long to quilt. On one I did a star/vine design and on the second I decided to hook up the laser pointer that came with my machine, so that I could try using one of the pantograph designs I got off the Internet. It worked well, once I got the hang of it. Next time I will know that I need to tape or pin down the paper BEFORE I use it as the design - the sewing machine vibrates a bit and causes the paper to SHIFT. Oh well, live and learn.

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