Monday, August 24, 2015

Great ways to get your kids to eat more veggies

My kids are just like the rest of them. They would prefer to eat only chips, cookies, granola bars and anything else that is FASt and EASY!!  But, like most moms, I want them to eat more healthy foods. With our busy lives this can be harder than I ever imagined!

When I started using Thrive products, I was pleasantly surprised that my kids were actually snacking right out of the cans of freeze dried foods! Carson was in love with the blueberry yogurt bites and Aidan would actually sit in the pantry and eat peas and peppers right out of the can.

I was having trouble keeping their favourites ones in the house and sometimes would realize too late that we were out of mixed bell peppers!!!

For really picky eaters you can take the veggies and crush them into a powder to "sneak" them into foods that your kids already like. It's tricky, I know, but sometimes a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!

Now, Thrive has come out with "Snackies", the new product just launched at the convention last month. My first box arrived this week and I think I'm in LOVE. The coconut bites are to DIE FOR!!

And the carrot crisps, spinach crisps and beet crisps will be AWESOME additions to school lunches in the fall (yes, just 2 weeks to go moms).
The great thing about these new Snackies (besides the taste) is that they are made from REAL FRUITS AND VEGGIES. No preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours. 

Doesn't that sound better than the alternatives that we all seem to have in our cupboards?

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