Sunday, September 6, 2015

A quilt of another colour

One of the BEST things about designing in quilt patterns is getting to see the quilt made in a different selection of fabrics! This pattern is called "Stella Violet", after Nellie's cute little grand daughter, and last week I got to quilt Donna Taylor's version of our pattern.

Not for the faint of heart, this quilt pattern has blocks that have 49 pieces in them, but Donna likes a challenge, so not only did she make the quilt, but she made it twice as big!! And for her colour palette she used white as a background with dusty blue, rose, pink and grey fabrics. It turned out just beautiful!!

The first challenge for me was to select the thread. This one is a very light grey which I decided would blend in with the pieced blocks but stand out nicely on the dark grey borders.

I decided to do some feathers and swirls in the pieced centre with different designs in each of the borders.

The Feather and Swirl design.

A different design for each border.

I always love it when I can take the quilt of the frame of the Gammill and have a look at the whole thing quilted. Here it is! I hope she likes it :)