Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Quilting a paisley design and trying out our new GoPro

A couple months ago we were lucky enough to win a GoPro video camera. We aren't a family of extreme sports fanatics so the most exciting thing we have done with it was to strap it to our springer spaniel Willow to take a video of her chasing our jack russell terrier Pugsley. I would let you see it, but it could make just about anyone get motion sickness LOL

So, today when I was out in my quilting room working on my Gammill I decided to try out the GoPro myself and did a little video showing how I was quilting a paisley design on my friend Donna's quilt. The video is OK for a first try, but the video angle is a little low (guess I should have had the head harness mount on instead of the chest one). But now I know how to charge the GoPro, switch harnesses, how to turn it on, and how to edit the video. I also figured out how to upload it to YouTube and how to put it on my blog, so I think the possibilities are endless.

By the way, my teenage boys are MORTIFIED that I would use the GoPro to video myself QUILTING!!!

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Tammy in Ontario, Canada said...

Cool. Never thought of a go pro for this use.