Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sewing and Quilting a Hexagon Lap Quilt

52 Week UFO Challenge - Project #13 - Using up my leftovers

I just loved the look of my hexagon table runner, so awhile ago I cut the left overs from the fat quarter bundle into 3" hexagons and triangles and took the stack with me to the quilting retreat last November. 

I came home with most of the triangles and hexagons pieced together, but the size was awkward and I wasn't too sure what to do with it.

Pieced hexagons and triangles.
I trimmed the top and bottom of the pieced section to make them straight.
Trimming the top and bottom.
I had quite a few triangles and hexagons left over, so I decided to make two more sections to put on the top and bottom of the quilt to make it longer. Unfortunately I didn't have enough of the triangles to piece the sections in the same manner as the original section, so I needed to cut some of the rectangles into pieces that could be used to join the hexagons into a line.

Leftover hexies and triangles.

Trimming the hexagons.
I used these pieces and the leftover triangles to sew the hexagons into two rows for the top and bottom of the quilt.
The top row.
 Afterwards I trimmed the triangle edges off to make the two rows straight.

Trimming the top and bottom rows.
 Next, I auditioned a few fabrics to find the best one to use for the sashing. I decided that the medium grey fabric was the best.
Picking a sashing fabric.
I added one sashing strip to the top of the centre panel and one to the bottom and then added the two hexagon rows. The next step was to add the outer border.
The borders and sashings have been added. Now it is time to quilt.
I decided to quilt the entire top with this water ripple design.
 After quilting and adding the binding the lap quilt is all done! I really love the finished quilt. Thirteen UFOs are done!

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