Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Modern Squares baby quilt

52 Week UFO Challenge Project #21 - Leftover squares made into a baby quilt

A couple years ago I went on a baby quilt making spree and ended up with five different baby quilts for expecting co-workers and friends. I also ended up with some leftovers - of course LOL.

I LOVED using the Twister Tool ruler to make a couple of the baby quilts, but for each quilt, after  I used the tool to cut the tessellated blocks I ended up with a bunch of 5" bias squares of fabric. 

The Twister Tool and my left over sqauers

I decided to use the squares to make another baby quilt.

First step was to trim the squares so that they were all exactly the same size. I added a few more squares to make up the right number for the quilt.

Next I cut sashing strips from white fabric and sewed one to all but eight of the squares.

Chain piecing the sashing strips to the squares.
I sewed these together into eight rows and then added one of the left over squares to the end of each row. I then added a sashing strip in between each of these rows. 

When sewing rows like these together, it's important to make sure that the small sashing strips are lined up correctly.

One the rows were all sewn together, I added a white border to all four sides.

Adding the border

I decided to quilt it using wavy lines that travelled the entire length of the quilt. I lived this design as it was simple to do and added to the modern feel of the quilt. I used cozy Northcott flannel for the backing!!

Wavy quilting lines

Once the quilt was finished, I decided to put it up for sale on my Fairfield Road Designs Etsy shop. To my delight it was bought by a woman in Australia!! Such fun to be part of a global economy!!

Project #21 in my UFO Challenge is finished - and my Modern Squares baby quilt is en route to Oz.

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