Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Finishing up the Christmas wool applique table runners

52 Week UFO Challenge - Projects #35-#37

Now that all of my tongues were cut I could start to assemble them and do the blanket stitching around the inner coloured tongues. 

The first step in this process was to use my 505 Spray to stick the inner tongues to the outer tongues. I have a special box that I use for the spraying. It is about 15" x 24" and the sides are only about 6" high so that I can spray the 505 and not get it onto the surfaces around the box. 

I laid all of the inner tongues in the box...

And then gave them a light coating of the 505 Spray.

Next step was to place them sprayed side down on the outer tongues and then to press down lightly with my hand.

I spent the next few days doing the blanket stitching around the inner tongues. I hid the knots in between the inner and outer tongues. Once they were all stitched, I cut a second set of cream wool rectangles to back the table runners and then used the 505 Spray to stick the fronts and backs together. I positioned the tongues evenly along the ends of the table runners and then slid them in between the layers of wool.

Eventhough there is some 505 Spray along the inside edges, I usually pin the tongues into place as well to make sure that they don't move.

The next step is to blanket stitch around the edges of the table runner to secure the tongues and finish the edge.

On the purple table runner I also stitched snowflakes onto each of the mittens before layering the front and back of the table runner.

Here are my finished table runners - all ready to add to my Etsy shop!! Or maybe to use as Christmas presents. Either way, finishing up the Christmas wool applique table runners was super easy and I LOVE stitching with wool.

My 52 Week UFO Challenge projects #35, #36 and #37 are all done!!

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