Sunday, June 5, 2016

Making a pillow cover using tumbler blocks

52 Week UFO Challenge #27 - Tumbling Waters Pillow

Here is another project that was made using leftovers from a quilt that I designed for A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine.
My Tumbling Waters quilt pattern appeared in the Fall 2014 issue - the same issue in which they did a feature article about my quilting studio!!

For this project I used a Stone Roll of fat quarters from Northcott's Stonehenge line of fabrics. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Stonehenge fabrics and was so excited to be able to design this quilt using them.  Once again, I used my Accuquilt Studio Cutter to cut the 6 1/2" tumbler blocks, and since I was using fat quarters, there was enough fabric left at the edges to cut a bunch of smaller 3 1/2" tumbler blocks. Since I didn't need them for my quilt project, I put them all in a small baggie and tucked them into a safe place.

When I was cleaning my studio, I found the baggie and added it to my 52 Week UFO Challenge list. One of the projects I made with these tumbler blocks was this pillow cover. All I did was alternate the blue and white tumblers to make an 18" square piece. I quilted the piece on my Gammill using a water ripple design.

First step was to trim this quilt sandwich into a 17" square.

Next, I made two backing sections that were 17" x 21" and then I turned over and topstitched one long edge on each of these pieces.

I pinned the first piece down on the quilt sandwich, right sides together and aligning all of the raw edges.

The second backing section was pinned on top of the first with the finished edges over lapping.

I sewed around the entire piece 1/2" in from the edges.

Turned the piece right side out and topstitched 1/2" in from the edges.

Inserted my 16" pillow form and project #27 was complete!!

I put this pillow cover up for same in my Etsy store and I just sold it this week!! Check out my Fairfield Road Designs Etsy store to see more of my finished products and kits!!

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